We’ve made your dream leather bag… and it’s 100% vegan.

The only thing rarer than finding true love is finding the perfect handbag! Seriously, we can’t count the number of hours we’ve spent searching for the bag that does it all – function, stylish and sustainable! So instead of continuing to look high and low for the handbag of our dreams, we decided to make one. Say hello to Wildflower’s Vegan Leather Handbag range. 

Created out of a necessity for kinder alternatives to leather accessories, our stunning range of handbags champion the revolutionary leather-like material, Desserto®. 

Desserto® is a highly sustainable plant-based material as an alternative to leather made from, believe it or not, cactus! This incredible material is super soft to the touch (we’re being honest when we say that we had to triple check that it wasn’t really leather!) as well as being durable for all purpose use. But best of all, Desserto® is made with the environment in mind; it’s a sustainable alternative to leather (a material that wreaks havoc on the environment, and of course, many species of animal) and is free from any toxic chemicals, phthalates, and PVC. It’s also partially biodegradable and has the technical specifications required by the fashion, leather goods, luxury packaging and furniture industries. Pretty neat, huh?

We think it’s important to ensure that environmentally conscious goods are accessible and normalised, as compared to their harmful counterparts. The leather industry is responsible for slaughtering over a billion animals every year. Most leather comes from China or India, where poor working conditions and malpractice is highly likely. When creating this range of vegan leather handbags, we were shocked at how few environmentally conscious options are available. By utilising a material like Desserto®, we’re proud to be support animals, workers, the environment, and any other living creatures in the manufacturing process.

The collection of vegan leather bags will include cross body bags, totes, and clutches, so that there’s a style for absolutely every occasion. Slow fashion (which is what we’re all about!) doesn’t take time off, so we wanted to create a collection of bags that service every event and every wardrobe. Ultra-luxe Desserto® makes up the body of the bags, and they will also feature solid brass, lead-free hardware. In true Wildflower style, this collection will be sampled, developed and hand-crafted in Australia, made by true artisans and masters of their crafts. 

We are so excited for you to explore this unique range of bags! They really are one of a kind, and we can’t wait to see them in your eco-conscious wardrobe! Stay tuned for the launch on our socials and mailing list. 

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