Behind the brand: Wildflower Ethics

Ethics are at the heart of everything we do at Wildflower. Every single garment in every Wildflower collection has a story – from the fabric it’s made from, right through to when it arrives on your doorstep – and every single chapter is one rooted in sustainable business practices. So that you can get to know the backstory of your Wildflower pieces, we want to tell you about what ethical means to us, and how we take every measure to make sure everything we do is exactly that. 

There’s a lot of greenwashing in the fashion industry, and it makes it difficult to sift through what sustainability and low impact truly means. For us, truly ethical fashion happens close to home. It means that products are made locally, from materials that have been harvested consciously. Ethical fashion supports the people who contribute to it, and gives back to ensure circularity and equality. Ethical fashion means that the clothes you buy aren’t just a one-season item, but a piece you reach for time and time again for years to come. 

You’ll see all of the qualities embedded in each of our processes. We buy all of our fabrics from local Australian suppliers to avoid the trap of bulk buying. It also supports other Australian people and businesses, which is a huge win-win in our books. At Wildflower, we don’t work with large scale garment factories, but instead work directly with local seamstresses who run their own businesses and set their own rates. We can therefore guarantee that not only do we pay a living wage – we pay above award wages. 

From there, the small batch products are sent to you in packaging that’s made from both home and commercially compostable materials. We are very proudly a zero plastic business. 

As far as our materials go, we have high quality and extremely low impact fabrics that make up the range of Wildflower products. It can be rather shocking to find out that a lot of fabrics contain toxic chemicals, but we can proudly state that our linen fabric is OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified, which is a guarantee that the fabric is harmless to human health and free of harmful substances. Our materials are also all vegan, and we are PETA Vegan Approved certified.

Our values lie with supporting local makers, manufacturers, craftspeople and other small businesses to give people the option to buy truly ethical and beautiful clothing. Like we said, ethics is at the heart of everything we do! We’re so grateful that you’re on the journey with us.

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