Linen Love

Linen Love: Three reasons you should be wearing Linen

We’re taking a moment for Linen – a stylish, breezy and luxe fabric that we love for so many reasons! At Wildflower, we let the material we use speak for itself – our 100% Belgian Flax Linen is used cohesively with design, cut and crafting so that the material and style of the garment work effortlessly together, creating timeless looks. Here are our top three reasons for why you should be wearing Linen:

  1. Linen is a sustainable material

Unlike synthetic fibres or materials that are taxing on the planet’s resources, Linen is relatively low impact and a great sustainable option. In fact, Linen is one of the most sustainable fabric options worldwide, yet it represents less than 1% of all textile fibres consumed worldwide. It’s made from flax – a crop that’s grown without the need for pesticides or fertilisers. It requires far less water to grow than cotton, and when it is harvested, the entire flax plant can be woven into a fibre. Talk about zero-waste wonder!

  1. Linen is perfect for all seasons

Linen is the ultimate year-round staple. It’s fantastic in hot and humid climates thanks to it’s ventilation properties. The material feels cool to touch and the crinkly texture means that the linen sits beautifully on the body without clinging or rubbing. And even though Linen has so many fantastic summer properties, its fibres also have great thermo regulating properties, meaning that it’ll keep you snug when the temperature cools down.

  1. It looks incredible on!

That’s right, Linen is some seriously chic material! Our 100% Belgian Flax Linen has undergone a vintage wash treatment, leaving it incredibly soft to the touch. It falls perfectly on the body, without clinging or irritating the skin like many other materials. The beauty of washed linen is that it moves stunningly, flowing with the motions of the body for a truly elegant and resort-style look.

There is so much we love about sustainable, soft Linen, we could seriously go on for days! If you want to try a Linen look for yourself, we have plenty of pieces for you to explore in our Las Islas and Bella Donna collections. We can’t wait for you to enjoy these feminine, comfortable and luxe styles for yourself.

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