Get to know: Wildflower

Fast fashion makes for quick and affordable shopping, but what does it cost the environment? Unfortunately, the answer is: a lot. The fashion industry is responsible for producing 10 per cent of all carbon emissions and is the second largest consumer of the world’s water supply. And it’s no surprise – fashion giants can churn out a new collection in a matter of a week, and for a lot of these low-quality, high-turnover garments, they end up in landfill soon after they’ve been purchased.   

Fashion consumerism, as we know it, is not a sustainable long-term option. At Wildflower, we decided to do something about it.

Our values are built on the pillars of sustainability and ethical production. Every Wildflower garment is made in Australia – right from the cutting, printing, and development of each item – which means that not only are we committed to supporting local makers, but we’re also minimising transport emissions. It also means that our garment manufacturing is traceable, sustainable, and ethical.

Most swimwear is created from polyester (polyester = plastic), and by now, it’s safe to say that we’re all aware of the detrimental effects plastic has on the planet. It’s an unrealistic goal to eradicate all plastic from our lives – let’s face it, it sure does have a lot of handy uses! –  but it isn’t an unrealistic goal to dramatically reduce unnecessary production of ‘new’ plastic. The fast fashion industry is a pro at generating more plastic, most of which is single use. At Wildflower, we do things a bit differently. Our exclusive swimwear fabrics and linings are made from regenerated nylon and  recycled polyester. Essentially, we take post-consumer materials, such as plastic bottles, fishing nets and other waste collected from our sea, and give them a second life as luxe, durable, and super-soft products for you to wear time and time again. Our products are also cruelty-free and vegan.

Every Wildflower garment is made locally in small batch production – it’s a hugely sustainable option when it comes to manufacturing, and it means that we offer the highest quality garments ! It also supports local makers, ensuring they receive a fair wage under good working conditions. Our product range is crafted by an all-female team based in Australia. We work with three independent seamstresses who own their own businesses and choose their own working hours.

We’re big believers in actions speaking louder than words, and it’s why alongside our product offerings, we do everything we can to give back. At Wildflower, we’re committed to giving back by creating sustainable and earth-friendly products, but we’re also proudly partnered with i=Change to support three projects – Empower With Literacy, Protect A Woman, and Provide A Safe Birth– that help improve the lives of women and children. $1 from every Wildflower purchase goes to one of these charities, and you, as the conscious consumer, get to choose which one.

Everything we do is in the interest of the planet, including the people and other living creatures on it. We can’t wait to share even more of our upcoming launches with you (stay tuned for a very exciting release of plant-based ‘leather’ bags in early 2022!) and continue to spread the word about conscious fashion consumerism.

With love,

The Wildflower Team x

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